Market surveys

Our specialists can prepare detailed and substantiated market surveys on various levels of the real estate market (residential, commercial, industrial), using a wide range of market data, econometric tools and comparative analyzes based on extensive experience of research in preparing reports and forecasts.

The benefits of appropriate market surveys:
– anticipating opportunities and risks;
– relying investment decisions on consistent market surveys in order to maximize profits.

Highest and best use studies

Highest and best use studies aim to identify the optimal use of a real estate by comparing the costs and the benefits. Based on the analysis of multiple market scenarios, our specialists have the capability to identify the most probable use of a property that is physically possible, appropriately justified, legally permissible, financially feasible and that leads to the highest value of the property.

Feasibility studies

Our specialists are drawing up studies to analyze the viability of real estate development. Determination of weaknesses or inability of ongoing development, for a specific location or time, saves you time, money and spares you the trouble later. Drawn feasibility studies give a first overview of the main aspects of real estate development that you are going to start. Their usefulness is to identify issues that could prevent the success of such development on the real estate market. In other words, the feasibility study establishes whether your idea is viable or not.